GENESIS OPTIMUM Gynae Question Solve

By - Dr. Maliha Parvin Mukta

TK. 850

Title GENESIS OPTIMUM Gynae Question Solve
Author Dr. Maliha Parvin Mukta
Publisher Banglamed Publication
ISBN 9789849760009
Edition Premium Edition
Suitable for MS, FCPS P-II, MCPS, DGO

বইটিতে ০১. Chapter Based Question Discussion করা হয়েছে। ০২. MS এবং FCPS Question আলাদাভাবে প্রতিটি চ্যাপ্টার Solve করা আছে। ০৩. প্রতিটি Ans: Reference সহ এবং Page Number সহ লেখা আছে। ০৪. Updated Information আছে প্রতিটি Question Answer এ। Exclusive Features:- 1. MS last 17 years and FCPS last 17 years total 34 session question solve. 2. Updated (January-2023) year question solve for both MS and FCPS gynaecology. 3. Chapter based question solve. 4. Effective for revision in short time. 5. Effective for MS, FCPS, MCPS, Diploma Final Exam. 6. Enriched with explanations and references. 7. References are taken from recent edition of book and guideline.